Spit Spreads Death – Mütter Museum

Spit Spreads Death was a one day interactive parade of light and sound remembered the individuals who lost their lives after the Liberty Loan Parade on September 28 1918.

On that day in 1918, over 200,000 people crowded along Broad Street to cheer a line of marchers stretching over two miles. Some 20,000 people lost their lives due to the flu pandemic that spread due to the parade.

I worked with Blast Theory and Mütter Museum to create a collection of websites and web applications.  These applications allowed a participant to select a person to represent in the parade, guided participants before and after the parade, and showed names and played audio during the parade.

The web apps were created using React and Node.js, with the main website using WordPress.

The parade was a single day event, with many months of preparation and planning, with an emphasis on the technology being ultra-reliable.

The web apps are no longer available due to this being a one day event.  These websites record the day.

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