Current status: Available for freelance work building and maintaining websites and apps.

I’m available to build new websites and web apps using WordPress, WooCommerce and React.
I’m also available to help maintain existing website and apps. Get in in touch if you need help implementing new features, fixing bugs, increasing performance or security.

I prefer building long term relationships with businesses and agencies to create excellent software and systems.

I’m a freelance web developer specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce websites. I also use JavaScript, React and TypeScript to build web and mobile applications.

  • I’m available for freelance and contract work remotely from my office.
  • I design and build beautiful, easy to use websites, with complex features. I can help with every stage, from planning, development, through to testing and delivery.
  • I also maintain existing websites. I can perform a health check on your site, solve any issues and put together a plan to ensure new features are planned and delivered.
Darren Lambert

WordPress consultant

I help business of all sizes determine what they need from their website.  I help select the best technology and approaches needed to achieve that website. I design and build that website ensuring it delivers everything required.

Support, monitoring and future improvements are all part of the package I offer to ensure websites stay online and secure.

I can provide integration and data migration between all of your systems.  I can provide all contact with your technical partners.

I also take on the maintenance of existing websites.

Agencies and designers

My core skills are: WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, React Native, Expo, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Gulp, Grunt, webpack, responsive, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, REST, JSON, XML, data migration, CRM integration, form generation, data capture, payment integration (PayPal and Stripe), PDF generation, GitHub, BitBucket, database design, SQL, SEO.

Within WordPress I have extensive experience of theme and plugin development, WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, Visual Composer and Multisite.

As a JavaScript developer I use Node.js as the backend, and React and Redux on the frontend.  I also use Expo, React Native and Node.js to create mobile applications for iOS and Android.

I believe WordPress is the best website management tool available for small to medium sized websites.   It’s intuitive and easy to use, making it perfect for websites where content is regularly added and updated.  WordPress is highly adaptable and can be used to generated websites of all kinds.

I’m a WordPress expert, having worked with hundreds of different websites. I create entire websites for customers, create themes and plugins for designers, widgets and more. I can audit your WordPress site to make recommendations for performance and security. I’ve been working with WordPress for 11 years, and am a core contributor.

WooCommerce is the best ecommerce solution for WordPress.  Allowing you to sell online, and manage content easily with WordPress.

Using WooCommerce, I create easy-to-use and powerful online stores.  You can easily manage the products in the store yourself, as well as manage stock and run sales reports.

I customise WooCommerce to match business needs, including custom layouts, stock processing, multi-buy deals, and more.


I have extensive JavaScript experience covering front end and back end development.

I prefer using React for web front end, React Native for mobile apps, and Node.js on the backend.

I’m a huge fan of TypeScript and insist on using it for all new projects.

I’ve used jQuery extensively in the past, especially with WordPress.

I’m a very experienced PHP developer, having worked on hundreds of different applications and websites during my career.

I have created large, complex web applications, as well as small, beautiful websites.  I have experience of CodeIgniter, Laravel, Smarty, MySql, MongoDB and more.

I’m excellent and integrating with other systems, and importing data from external sources.

More about me

I’m a senior developer, currently working on websites and web applications.  My 18 year career has covered may different technologies and sectors, including Windows and iOS development, Oracle and more.  My national clients include ITV, BBC, National Trust, TNT, Unilever, NHS and Pepsi.  My Brighton based clients include Do Something Different, Blast Theory, Spectrum Photographic, SAS Graphics and L&S Printing.

I do the hard work, so that the your website is easy to use.  You don’t need to worry about resizing images, HTML or any technical jargon.  You just upload an image, and write the words that are important to your business.  I make sure its presented beautifully.

I now specialise in WordPress and React, but have diverse experience of PHP, SQL, Drupal, Expression Engine, Magento and more.

I can solve your website hosting or performance issues.  I can solve performance problems with your website, and move your website to a reliable and cost effective hosting provider with minimal downtime.

I’m passionate about using technology to make life easier, with years of experience using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, XML, Bootstrap, Ajax, OOP, Responsive web design, Accessibility, LAMP.

I use a few tools to make life much easier, including BitBucket, SourceTree, GitHub, Trello and BugHerd.

I am expert at integrating Google Analytics (including server-side events) and Google Adsense.

In recent projects I have developed WordPress PDF generation, REST and SOAP communications and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration for an events system. I’ve also integrated Stripe payments and donations with Gift Aid compliance for a large charity.

I have excellent customer facing skills and am a great team member.

I hold a Honours degree in Computer Science, and love the outdoors.

My services and skills

Design to Template

I can take any design and turn it into a functioning website that works beautiful on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. I regularly create theme and templates from designer’s Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Sketch files. I use the strictest HTML5, jQuery and CSS principals to make clean and compliant code. I take great pride with my code, as with all of my work.

I’ve worked with many agencies including Endless. Nanuq, Studio Lester, Iceberg Creative and L&S.

CMS consultation and recommendation

Choosing the right CMS for a website is difficult, and the correct informed choice can only really come from experience. I have used the following systems extensively and can help you make the correct recommendation for your projects or customers.

  • WordPress – Blogs, websites, simple eCommerce, and basic community sites.
  • Drupal – Community websites, medium sized eCommerce stores with good amounts of content
  • Expression Engine – Great for designers as easy to develop templates.  Limited use in reality.
  • Magento – For large eCommerce only.  Significant investment in time required.


Choosing the correct solution for an eCommerce system draws from many factors. Writing great looking information rich content is just as important as the retail part of the website. I can help you choose the correct eCommerce system for your business and products. One that will allow you to talk about your products and promotions just as well as run a stock report.


In the 10 years I’ve been managing hosting packages and servers I’ve used almost all of the major hosting, and a lot of the lesser know solutions. Whilst price is a big factor, reliability is the ultimate consideration. I can recommend a number of hosting solutions based on your requirements.

I’m an expert at moving your website from one hosting provider to another, with minimum downtime (normally none). Normally I can do this without any staff needing to change any email settings in Outlook or other applications.


As well as website hosting I can recommend, setup and manage your email hosting. If you are a big email user you’re likely to need something better than your average website email hosting.

Your email hosting can be separate from your website hosting, and I can manage that for you.

Data migration and integration

Moving from one content management system to another should not be a painful  exercise. You do not need to re-enter your information or content. My background in enterprise development allows me to migrate data and content from virtually any system to another.

If you are considering moving from Drupal to WordPress, from Magento, Expression Engine, Trading Eye and virtually any other system, I can migrate all of your content and information, without you having to re-enter any of it.

If you have data in Excel, CSV, XML or any other format I can get this data into your website or CMS. I’ve imported and merged data that other agencies considered ‘impossible’.

I can integrate your website with other applications and services including Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, and more.

I can help you build a better website

Get in touch to see how we can work together