I’m an expert WordPress and WooCommerce developer specialising in creating beautiful and easy to use websites and web apps.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2009 and believe that it’s the best website platform for small to medium size businesses.

It’s extremely versatile and powerful allowing complex but easy to use websites to be built quickly and cost effectively.

My experience allows me to build easy to use sites that anyone can use to create their own website.

I specialise in

  • WooCommerce eCommerce platform – allowing online sales
  • Performance – making new and existing websites work very quickly and reliably
  • Responsive web design – making websites work perfectly on mobile and table devices
  • Web apps – interactive websites with increased functionality and customer engagement
  • Integration specialist – Integrating your website or app with external services such as Salesforce, other CRMs, payment gateways, etc.
  • Data import specialist – I can take data from any existing website or system and import it into a new (or existing ) website