It’s great to use [email protected], but managing and moving your own POP/IMAP can be a hassle.  Also you’ll end up using a basic webmail app, or OS mail apps become bad at managing lots of emails.  I also use and recommend GMail for my emails and clients.  You can still use [email protected], but use GMail to collect that email for you.  You can then read email on any device, keep your entire email history, and nothing finds emails as well as GMail.


You don’t want to spend time managing hosting, so use the most reliable you can find.  I use the following for own websites, and also for those of my clients.

  • TSO host – Incredible value, super fast, and very reliable.  I use this for all my hosting now, and my clients.  I use the Cloud packages. I have an Ultimate account, and run dozens of sites from it, making it incredible value for money. The Standard package is a great place to start for a client.
  • ServInt – VPS and dedicated hosting.  Not the cheapest, but the best support and reliability I’ve experienced.


If you are a developer, or designer you need to minimise your time spent on accounts.

  • Aim for a paperless office.  I am now totally paperless.  I use Google Docs for everything, and I can get to these on any device (work computer, home computer, tablet, phone, someone else’s computer if necessary).  If I do have an important paper document, I take a photo of it and throw it away.
  • Use a paperless accounting system.  I use Xero, but FreeAgent is popular.  If your accountant doesn’t use one of these get a different accountant.  Seriously.  Don’t use an old friend, or your mates dad for your accountant if they are holding you back.
  • I spend 30 minutes on my accounts every month, at the end.  My accountant can log in at anytime and see everything.  Come tax return time I have nothing to do, it’s all already done. I have seen my office mates spend 2 days trying to find receipts, fill out spreadsheets, etc.  Going paperless avoids all of this.
  • I also use ReceiptBank to store my receipts.  I help my wide with her accounts, and take photos of receipts, and then throw them away.
  • Set overdue invoices to automatically email the client, and do this every 7 days.  This works and will mean you get paid more quickly, without you having to do anything.