I’ve been a WordPress developer for 10 years, and have worked on hundreds of different websites.  Here I’ll stay tips, themes, and plugins that I find make running a WordPress site easier and more fun.


Broken Link Checker – Periodically scans your site and tells you where the broken links.  The admin UI makes it super easy to update the links, without having to edit the post/page.  Can be used to really easily audit comments, and remove the URLs if necessary.

Heroic Favicon Generator – Allows you to upload a single image and then it generates all of the various favicon formats.

Page-list – Useful for making a simple site-map (non XML).

WooCommerce Email Test – Preview WooCommerce templates in the browser.  Useful for testing email template changes.

WP Mail Logging – Log all outgoing emails.  Useful for monitoring and resolving email issues.

Zippy – Export and Import post content, including ACF fields.  Free.


Web Apps

mailtrap.io – Intercepts all outgoing emails sent from WordPress (or MAMP, or whatever you like), so that you can easily check emails.  Especially useful for membership sites to prevent emailing members accidentally.


Create a Privacy Policy easily with www.rocketlawyer.co.uk or www.shopify.co.uk

Remove non ASCII characters from code with diacriticsremover