React developer BrightonHi I’m Darren, an experienced JavaScript developed based in Brighton, East Sussex.

I’ve been a developer for more than 20 years and covered a lot of different disciplines during that time.

I use Node on the backend (and PHP) with React on the frontend to create awesome component based websites and web apps. I also use Next.js to make that experience even better.

I also use React Native (with Expo) to create native mobile apps, normally with a Node backend.

I love TypeScript and insist on using it for all new projects.

I’m a big fan of Gulp and Webpack for pulling everything together.

I love using SASS (and LESS) to make CSS even better, allowing styling consistency throughout a site, especially when across multiple style related sites.

I’ve been using Javascript for 15 years.  I’m really enjoying this push of new JS technologies such as ES6, but still like using jQuery from time to time.

I’ve spent many years creating beautiful and easy to use websites for a range of customers using the WordPress CMS.  I am a massive fan of WordPress, for it’s easy to use and client friendly backend, and for it’s shear flexibility in outputting code in whatever manner you like.

I’ve used so many different hosting setups over the years, and have my fair share of VPS and dedicated servers.  I have good experience setting up AWS containers from scratch and over the lifetime of a web app.

I’m a big fan of open source databases included PostgreSQL and MySQL.  In the past I’ve used Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, Interbase and more.

My backend programming experience covers PHP, C#, VB.NET and more recently Node.js.

Whilst I am not a designer I have a good eye for design and layout.  I’m very handy with Bootstrap and excellent at responsive web.

Other things I’ve covered in my career include Drupal, Expression Engine, Magento, Grunt, Ajax, REST, JSON, XML, CRM integration, PayPal and Stripe payment integration, PDF generation, GitHub, BitBucket, SEO, handheld and mobile development.

I have extensive software and database design experience, and always promote the highest standards in my work and others around me.