WordPress security in BrightonIt’s vital to keep your WordPress website secured at all times. There are lots of unsavoury people on the internet who will attack your website to try and compromise it. Once they have comprised your website, they will use it to their advantage.  I offer WordPress security in Brighton, London and are area, as I can secure your website remotely.

I offer a fixed price service that secures your website and protects it from future attacks.  This package includes the following

  1. Audit your WordPress website security, and implement steps to make the website more secure.
  2. Add a feature to ensure your website is always kept up-to-date to reduce the potential for hackers to compromise your site in the future.
  3. Setup regular backups to ensure your website is safe, should a compromise happen.  The backups offered by your hosting company are not enough, as they are often old and not completed.
  4. Install scanning software that alerts me if anything suspicious is detected about your website.

If you’re interested in protecting your WordPress website get in touch.