For one night only, on October 14th, Europe’s first ever interactive feature film Bloodyminded was broadcast live from an army base to European cinemas and online. 126,000 people around the world viewed the film online and up to 1,000 people watched on the night in cinemas across Europe.

Working with Blast Theory I provided several parts of the Bloodyminded film web presence.

I was the front end developer of the web app providing the interactive element of the film.  This was built using React, and powered by a Node.js app developed by Technical Lead Michael Kane.

I created the web page used by cinemas to play the live stream in cinemas across the world.

I helped develop the website before and after the film, working alongside the Blast Theory team.  This included real time functionality to push people into the app when the film started.

I also updated the system and content that powered the credits of the film.

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