wp_foots() Compromised WordPress and Drupal sites

I’m seeing a few WordPress and Drupal sites with template files being compromised, and a call to a PHP method wp_foots being added

<?php wp_foots();?>

This PHP call injects malicious Javascript code that typically writes spam links to the footer.

It is safe to delete the wp_foots() call. However, this call is part of a bigger compromise, and other PHP files within the website have almost certainly been injected as well.

You should look out for calls to eval(base64_decode( and delete/fix those files.

Dropbox stuck at 100% CPU on Mac, nothing seems to work

If you find your Dropbox is stuck at 100% CPU and constantly ‘Downloading file list’ on your Mac, and you’ve tried all of the unlink/re-link suggestions, be sure to check you don’t have a symbolic link in your Dropbox folders.

I did (from a downloaded website backup), and my Dropbox was stuck synching for weeks.

Run the following from Terminal to search for symbolic links, then delete them (or zip up the folder in my case, then delete the files).

cd ~/Dropbox
find . -type l

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